1. Innova Football specializes in advising football clubs to improve their facilities, focusing on what really matters to drive structural change and long-term success. Here are some ways Innova Football helps clubs prioritize and improve their facilities:

External and Objective View: Innova Football offers a fresh and objective perspective, identifying areas of improvement that may not be evident from within the organization

Investment Strategy: Helps develop investment strategies that maximize returns and ensure the financial sustainability of the club

High Performance Audit: Conduct audits of existing facilities to evaluate their effectiveness and suggest specific improvements

Club Strategy Development: Work with clubs to develop a comprehensive strategy that encompasses team management, corporate sustainability and resource optimization

Talent Management: Innova Football advises on how facilities can be designed to improve the individual and collective development of players2.

Innovation in Training: Introduces innovative methodologies such as the Pons Method, which improves specificity in the training and rehabilitation of players3.

Resource Optimization: Promotes the improvement of training efficiency and productivity, ensuring that each player and staff member makes the most of the facilities

Strategic Planning: Innova Football assists in the club’s strategic planning, helping to identify needs and establish an objective vision for the future

In short, Innova Football plays a crucial role in ensuring that improvements to sporting facilities are a priority for football clubs, recognizing that these investments are essential for success both on and off the field. With its focus on innovation,

sustainability and resource optimization, Innova Football helps clubs make “what’s important really what’s most important.”


Smart football stadiums represent a revolution in the fan experience and the management of sporting events. The integration of technologies such as **5G, Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence** and **IoT** transforms stadiums into highly interactive and connected spaces, offering an immersive and personalized experience for spectators.

**5G connectivity** within the stadium allows fans to access a wide range of digital services through their mobile devices, such as **real-time, high-definition content**, **on-demand replays** , and **virtual reality**. This not only improves the spectator experience but also opens up new marketing and advertising opportunities for clubs.

The **automation of sports broadcasts** through Artificial Intelligence allows you to personalize the viewing experience, giving fans control over what they want to see and share. In addition, **dynamic advertising** and **proximity marketing actions** can increase public participation and encourage greater loyalty towards the club and its sponsors.

In short, smart stadiums are a step forward in the modernization of sports infrastructure, providing not only an improved experience for fans but also a more profitable and sustainable business model for football clubs.


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