the influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on football and how it could help improve meritocracy in sport. AI has the potential to transform many areas of football, from refereeing decision-making to club and federation management. Here are some ways AI could act:

• Refereeing: AI could analyze data in real time to assist referees, improving decision accuracy and reducing errors. This could be achieved through technologies such as VAR (Video Assistant Referee) and player and ball tracking systems.

• Coach Selection and Training: AI systems could evaluate coaches’ performance not only by results, but also by quality of play, player improvement and on-field strategy. This would help identify the most talented and prepared coaches.

• Club Management: AI could analyze the financial and sporting performance of clubs to advise on strategic decisions, such as signings and infrastructure development, with the aim of avoiding costly mistakes and improving long-term sustainability.

• Federations and Associations: AI could be used to audit and monitor the activities of federations and associations, ensuring that decisions are made based on data and merit, and not favoritism.

The implementation of AI in football must be done carefully, ensuring that the values of the sport are respected and the integrity of the game is maintained. Additionally, it is important that there is human oversight to ensure that AI is used ethically and fairly.

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