Pons Method Innovations update 

• Principle of Specific Specialty:

• Description: This principle focuses on the individualization of training based on the position and role of each player on the field.

• Innovation: Allows specific and directed development, optimizing individual performance within the context of the team and above all. This principle understands that each member of the staff has their specialty but at the same time when a ball is The Center of any exercise The focus must be on The Head Coach’s Game Model, This is the essence of this PRINCIPLE of specific training specialty.

• Gamification Principle:

• Description: It incorporates recreational elements in the training sessions to increase the motivation and commitment of the players, understanding that each time the infrastructures proposed by El Metodo Pons assume increasingly advanced technological proposals.

• Innovation: Makes learning more attractive and fun, improving adherence and performance through play.

• Principle of Creation of Automated Processes (F.P.M):

• Description: Develops behavioral patterns and automatic responses in players for fluid and efficient execution during the game. For this, good planning with open communication is necessary where processes allow for greater fixation of game model patterns. and small details that, through an increasingly specific technical staff, provide soccer language that speaks about the head coach’s game model.

• Innovation: Ensures communion through synergies of the entire staff, which will allow automated habits and processes never seen before so that players respond instinctively and effectively to common situations in football, improving cohesion and performance under pressure.

• Principle of Soccer Player-Specific Rehabilitation:

• Description: Focuses on the recovery of injured players with specific and personalized plans, due to different injuries that consider their specific roles on the team.

• Innovation: Facilitates a faster and more effective specific recovery, ensuring that players return within the team dynamics are totally convinced of their recovery from their injury, after having progressively trained on their position to increase their confidence, to return to their best. level.

• Principle of Empathic and Progressive Synchronicity of the Game Model:

• Description: Fosters connection and mutual understanding between players for cohesive, adaptable gameplay that evolves over time. Training players who are increasingly empathetic with THEIR teammates.

• Innovation: Improves team cohesion and tactical adaptability, allowing faster and more effective responses during matches.

• Principle of Training-Specific Fragmentation:

• Description: Divide the training into smaller components to work intensively on specific aspects such as tactics, technique or decision making, thanks to the tactical panels of the pons method and an increasingly specific and increasingly professional technical staff.

• Innovation: Allows a more detailed and precise focus on specific areas of the game, improving individual and collective skills.

* Principle of Collective Individualization:

• Description: Personalizes training for individual needs within the team context, maintaining group cohesion. And understanding that this PRINCIPLE is the basis of all the innovations of the Pons Method, this innovative PRINCIPLE changes the structures of modern football.

• Innovation: Optimizes individual development without compromising team unity, ensuring that each player is effectively integrated into the game system.

• Principle of Specific and Individualized Inclusion of Modern Training:

• Description: Adapt training to the needs and abilities of each player, with personalized plans and continuous monitoring. And la Ve understands that we come from trends from all over the world doing rondos, ball possessions and small games, etc. where the best players improve more, and the less good ones or those who play in defensive positions or do not play, touch the ball very less, “learn less” Therefore, the importance of eating this New PRINCIPLE that advocates that we must specifically train the entire team, and to For this reason, we have a specific technical staff and a methodology that provokes through this PRINCIPLE of specific inclusion of modern training.

• Innovation: Offers an inclusive nature, ensuring that all players, even those who participate less, develop and feel valued.

• Principle of Comprehensive and Personalized Technological Update:

• Description: Implements advanced and updated technology in training, adapting it to the needs of the team and each player. Increasingly, both the tactical panels of the pons method and other innovative strategies to be implemented will increasingly use more and better advanced technology.

• Innovation: Use technological tools to accurately and continuously evaluate and improve performance.

• Dynamic-Complex Adaptability Principle:

• Description: Promotes preparation that encompasses the adaptability and complexity of modern sport, allowing players and staff to respond fluidly to changing situations.

• Innovation: Improves the team’s ability to adapt, preparing it to face various tactical and strategic challenges that above all support both this and the other PRINCIPLES of the Pons Method.

• Principle of Effective Training Optimization:

• Description: Seeks to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of each training session, focusing on quality over quantity. We know that with these methodology we have better time management. This PRINCIPLE aims not only to better optimize the resources we have but also to implement the relevant strategies, understanding that each Country, each Club, each team, each competition is different and we must be able to specifically optimize, knowing how to differentiate it perfectly.

• Innovation: Ensures that every minute of training contributes significantly to the development of the player and the team.

• Principle of Applied Specific Neuroscience:

• Description: Personalize and adapt cognitive, tactical, technical and physical training programs according to the neurobiological characteristics of each player.

• Innovation: Uses knowledge about mirror neurons to facilitate learning through observation and precise execution, optimizing physical and cognitive performance. In part, one of the best scientific studies that go hand in hand with the Pons Method is thanks to these wonderful mirror neurons.


The Pons Method by David Pons is an advanced and complete methodology that incorporates innovative principles designed to maximize individual and collective performance. By following these principles, coaches and teams can achieve comprehensive, adaptive and highly efficient development, prepared to face the demands of modern football.

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