Hello, if you don’t know me, I’m David Pons professional soccer coach and creator of this revolutionary methodology that has burst into modern soccer: The Pons Method.

Today I am going to talk to you about this methodology, about this tool that has facilitated a new Training Architecture in football that transforms modern football training in a comprehensive way, focusing on what is essential, maximizing time, optimizing resources, and putting much more focus on efficiency and productivity in this modern training.

It doesn’t matter if you are preparing to be a youth football coach, a professional assistant coach, a physical trainer or you are pursuing a career as a physiotherapist, you want to be a goalkeeping coach, an analyst, a second coach, etc., the important thing is to put your focus on what is truly important. Which is the first thing I asked you. Are you preparing? Because in the end we never stop doing it, even when you teach, you continue learning, without stopping. As the great Caesar Louis Menotti said, “He who only knows about football, doesn’t even know about football,” is a phrase that says it all. It made sense 40 years ago, now it is transcendental, because in addition to trying to have as much specific knowledge as possible, you also need to be able to adapt, merge with the other professions and specialties that make up a coaching staff, the same as a player must know how to explain his position but several, which is why training is so important to really act as the demands of today’s football demand.

The culture of modern training is established through the Pons Method, it is transformed through empathic synergies, it is based on Synchronicity and adaptability, the vehicle is always knowledge, the flag is tactical rigor and the currency is communication. Are you ready for the change?

And why is the change so important? And because this methodology is so important, first it is important to understand the source, because this methodology has not been developed by a physical trainer nor has it needed a coach to give it a voice when it is at the top as in the case of Mourinho with tactical periodization, no It has simply been created by a professional coach, from the perspective of being a professional coach and putting the focus on the coaching staff, on the team and above all on the player, that is, what do I mean by all this? That the methodology of the Pons Method breathes specificity through the pores. I want to say that it is not a static methodology, it is a modern methodology as ndihd in its presentation in 2020 is the first open source methodology that exists, open to change and systematic updating. In these 4 years since it was presented during the lockdown of the COVID 19 pandemic, from a small island in the northeast of Thailand, near Cambodia, since that July 15, 2020, its evolution has been amazing and will continue to be, its evolution It is open to continuous updates, simply because the melon has already been opened, creating solid bases of innovations, principles and improvements facing performance, through a great architecture of modern training where its main revolution is change, it is detail, it is the player is efficiency, it is productivity, it is optimization, it is management, it is processes, and a long etc. and in all of this, the empowering weapon that allows us to maximize the change is: Good management of the coaching staff through Pons method.

In sports circles, the name Pons Method resonates with a mix of curiosity, expectation and lack of information. The coaching and athlete community is eager to understand and apply this new training architecture that clearly revolutionizes the way training is planned and footballers are prepared. So let’s explore different key aspects of this methodology and argue its relevance in the current context.

The Pons Method requires a new culture of change, of focus, of change even in a mentality that is often experienced by coaches or staff members who are accustomed and stuck to traditional, more traditional approaches, such as the fact of training throughout the entire training session. and during all the sessions with the entire group or with almost the entire group, they must understand that this new culture of modern training through the Pons method transforms training through empathetic and adaptable synergies. The main vehicle of the methodology is tactical rigor and the currency of change is communication. It is no longer just about carrying out exercises and tactics, but also about understanding more than ever the individual needs of the players and the team as a whole. You have to be prepared for the technological tools that are going to facilitate richer individual training, more fun, more competitive, more stifled with high performance, more measured, more effective and the tool that lays the foundations for all this is without a doubt the Pons Method

The key to getting the most out of the Pons Method lies in empathetic planning. Coaches must immerse themselves in the lives of players, understand their personal challenges and adapt training programs accordingly. This is not only a question of physical, technical or tactical performance, but it is a 360° job and also mental and emotional well-being. Empathy becomes the compass that guides each decision and self-esteem and confidence become your best ally. Because your best ally? Because never before had the player had a program of specific, measurable, evaluable improvements in his training that were so individualized, so effective, for the player to feel not only much more confident in himself, but also understand that he independently played more or fewer minutes. In the competition, there is a whole range of professionals who, through comprehensive work and thanks to the knowledge, tools and resources provided by the Pons method and the range of methodological recipes that we believe are relevant and necessary… are more than ever aware of their personal growth and its daily evolution, in a personalized, systemic and professional way.

The architecture of modern training is built on a foundation of optimal synergies. Establishing processes that make our path easier. It’s not just about the relationship between coach and player, but also how all members of the staff interact with each other.

Fluid communication and collaboration are essential. When everyone works together towards a common goal, the performance of the team as a whole becomes more effective, training becomes more productive, the player feels more fulfilled. And the team in general is involved in a new optimal, optimizing management of its own resources and better management of training time.

The Pons Method diverts attention from the past and the distant future. The next game becomes the epicenter of preparation. Each training session, each decision directly nourishes immediate performance. Players become attuned to the urgency and importance of each session. The intensity increases, and excellence becomes a constant search.

In this new architecture, the communication is ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). It is the source of energy that drives our entire system of established processes and brilliantly executed by our coaching staff. Coaches must be masters of words, able to inspire, motivate and guide. Constant feedback, tactical talks and emotional connection with players are essential. Without effective communication, the Pons Method machinery grinds to a halt.

We have all echoed the importance of Big data, but much more important is collecting the relevant information which we know that only experienced coaches let flow as if it were the Holy Grail. That unwritten language of football. So difficult to explain but that we all recognize as a source of continuous learning.

The Pons Method is a tool to channel all that source of value and tactical rigor because it allows us to measure, evaluate, correct, the most important thing in this sport, the footballer within the group, as a whole. And to be able to offer you a path of performance in a tangible, clear way, through processes, habits of improvement.

In short, the Pons Method is not just a training methodology; is a philosophy that embraces excellence, Synchronicity, empathy and adaptability. The best trained coaches, willing to embrace this modern approach, will be at the forefront of sporting evolution. The next game is your canvas, and communication is your brush. Are you ready to paint a masterpiece? 🎨🏆

I am David Pons professional soccer coach, CEO and founder of innova football, a platform where we help revolutionize the management of clubs, federations, academies through processes, methodologies, tools and sports strategies to guide them towards updated excellence.

I am also the creator of the Pons method, a methodology that offers the most significant innovations and improvements in recent football history and I am also the founder of the Pons method institute where we mark a continued journey of maximum performance to the professions in a tangible, clear way. , open, efficient and professional.

The Pons method is the axis that gives life to a new architecture of modern training, the Pons method will help us be more efficient, more productive, more professional and will provide us with the tools to take our team, our staff and our players to the next level. next level.

Greetings and if you are interested in knowing more about it, subscribe to our accounts or get in touch directly because in the end the important thing is to open relevant communication channels, because friends, if I have realized something in these more than 10 years of research to creating the method and after these 4 evolution and dissemination of it, it is only us, the professionals. We can improve this wonderful sport, everything else around there are many improvements, grass, balls, VAR, etc etc… but what the green is about, only we can do our part, without further ado, we are in contact.

Breathe Pons Method, breathe football





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